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Permanent Hair Removal For Teens & Adolescents  

Adolescent and Teen years are among the most exciting and challenging times in a young person's life.  As teens and young adults come into their own, physical changes such as excessive hair growth can have a negative impact on their body’s appearance and on their self-esteem.

For teenage girls it could be the growth of hair on the face, and for teenage boys, it may be the emergence of thick bulky unibrows.  In any event these changes will defiantly impact their perception of what they look like and how they feel about themselves. 

As the parent of three teenagers myself, I am aware of how self conscious they can be.  While fashion plays a huge role in their lives, as parents we must be aware that excessive hair growth and unsightly embarrassing hair also plays a significant role in our children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  

The peer-pressure they face is not just limited to the types of clothes they wear, or the brands of colons and perfume that they use, it is just as important for them as teens and young adults to feel confident about themselves everytime they look into the mirror as well.    

How Old Do I Have To Be In Order To Receive Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal? 

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Teens and Adolescents depend upon several factors which may include but not limited to: the age and maturity of the young man or young woman, the severity of the excessive hair growth problem, sensitivity of the skin, and the motivation of either the young man or the young woman's desire to undergo Permanent Hair Removal Treatments. 

It is absolutely imperative that the decision to undergo Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal be that of the young man, or of the young woman, and not of the parents.  Parents should not pressure their children in any way shape or form, nor should they insist that their children undergo Permanent Hair Removal Procedures; however, parents should instead be supportive and understanding of what their children are feeling and how their excessive hair growth may be impacting their child's self-esteem.

Is Electrolysis And Laser Hair Removal Painful? 

Unlike waxing hair and threading hair, new techniques, equipment, and topical anesthetics help reduce the sensation of Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatments.  Many teens have described modern treatments as a mere tingling sensation and can tolerate sessions well.  A tolerance for the treatments will also come easier with repeated sessions and is dependent on the maturity of the teen or young adult.  

If the young client decides not to undergo any of the Permanent Hair Removal Services, then the Electrologist will discuss options to hide the hair until he or she is less sensitive or ready to undergo Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal in the future.  

What Areas Can I Have Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal Done On?

Pre -teens, teens, and young adults will usually undergo treatments on their upper lip, chin, and on the sides of their face.  In addition to these areas, both young males and females will typically have their Eyebrows/Unibrow defined and/or separated, as well as their hairlines, necklines and any other visibly noticeable areas treated. 

Why Do Young Girls Grow Hair On Their Upper Lip?

There can be many reasons as to why young women have hair growth on their lips to include but not limited to; genetics, hormones, and yes, even medication can cause hair growth at any given age.  Most people will never learn the true cause of their excessive hair growth and they usually accept the fact that they just have to live with this for the rest of their lives; however, nothing can be further than the truth.  

Through the process of a well rounded Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal regimen and treatment plan, you can ensure that your unwanted hair can and will be permanently removed for good!

Sabrina’s Electrolysis offers complimentary consultation, as well as lower priced special offers for all teens and students.  For more information or to schedule an appointment for your young adult please contact my office. 

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