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Here’s How Electrolysis Works 

An extremely fine probe is inserted into the follicle alongside the hair and a slight amount of electric current destroys the hair root. A treated hair will slide out with no sensation of being tweezed. You will feel a slight heat or tingling sensation

What To Expect After Treatment

After treatment, there may be some redness or swelling, but this disappears within an hour or so. This is part of your body's natural healing process and should be of no concern.  You should keep the area clean with witch hazel, and avoid sun exposure.

After Care For Avoiding Irritation 

Preventing skin irritation truly begins prior to undergoing Electrolysis.  Prior to having Electrolysis session you should wash your face with an antibacterial soap to insure that the surface of your skin and pores are free and clear of any dirt, oils, and makeup.  Prior to beginning your session the Electrologist should clean the area that will be treated with an antiseptic wipe, or witch-hazel.  Rubbing alcohol should never be used prior to an Electrolysis treatment as it will cause the pores in the skin to constrict and make it difficult to insert the Thermolysis probe into the follicle during the session which could ultimately lead to further irritation of the skin.  To prevent irritation after an Electrolysis session, simply wash the treated area with a mild antiseptic soap and clean the area with witch-hazel.  Avoid soaps that contain perfumes or harsh chemicals, and avoid using creams and makeup for two days after treatment.  This will assist your body’s natural ability to heal itself after treatment without having to cope with any further stressors of chemicals, creams, makeup, perfumes, etc…

Ingrown Hairs And Razor Rash Irritation

Electrolysis can treat and remove ingrown hairs for both men and women; moreover, Electrolysis can cure the embarrassing look and painful reaction of razor rash that both men and women suffer from as a result of shaving on a daily basis.   So whether you’re razor rash is a result of shaving your face, neck, under arms, legs, or bikini line, you can now get the clean soft and irritation free look that you’ve been longing for through the process of Electrolysis.  So suffer no longer!!!

Permanent Hair Removal

As a Certified Medical Electrologist, I have been trained and certified on different methods and modalities of hair removal, I have seen many methods of hair removal come and go because they are not permanent, safe, nor cost effective.  The fact of the matter is that for more than 120 years, Electrolysis has been the only method of hair removal able to claim that its therapeutic results are both permanent and cost effective.  Moreover, Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal for both men and women alike approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the AMA (American Medical Association).  

Safe Hair Removal 

There are three different methods of Electrolysis utilized today.  The first method is the Galvanic Technique, the second method is the Blend Technique, and the third method is the Thermolysis Technique.  All three techniques are both proven and effective methods of Electrolysis; however, the Thermolysis Technique is the safest and far less painful modality.  So whether you’re a man, woman, teen, pregnant, or have a pace maker, you can rest assured that permanent hair removal options are just a phone call and complimentary consultation away.  

Most Popular Areas For Hair Removal By Electrolysis 

The reasons for permanent hair removal differ from person to person and are based on each person’s particular needs and concerns.  Electrolysis can be performed on virtually any part of the body to include but not limited to; the face, neck, arms, chest, tummy, back, under arms, legs, bikini line, etc…  So whether you’re looking to ensure that you have that smooth and silky beach body for your summer swimsuit, or you’re trying to make an impression in the boardroom by maintaining a flawless looking beard while in your business suit, Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal capable of ensuring your hair removal needs. 

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